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Why Central Europe ?

After several years of investigations all around the World, our founders have concluded that Central and Eastern Europe have the best potential, in long terms goals, to start White Communities. We have been working now for more than 5 years on the first step of this life adventure. The people of these parts of Europe have a strong racial and cultural consciousness. And they have decided to be part in the future of mankind. Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Finland and the Baltic Countries can totally fulfill the wish of a White Life.
To pretend to join us you have to be 100% White. We do not accept mixed people, even with few non-white blood. We accept and welcome Whites from anywhere all over the World. If you are born outside of Europe we will be happy to help you come back to our continent. We do not accept Whites with non-European beliefs like Christianity or Islam. To be totally White your spirit has to be Aryan too, not only your blood.
To live in a White country, you have to work to be an accomplished man. It means that you have to be able to work to earn money to have a decent life. If you are living in Western Europe or North America from the social rent of your governement you will not be able to sustend a Work life in Europe. If you want to Work it will not be difficult to find a job, it is just a question of Will. You will have to be creative and have a pioneer mentality. It's okay, as you are White ;)
Discipline is very important to us. It is the key that will open you the gates of happiness. Raise a family, build an accomplished man life. If you have the way of life of modern Whites from big cosmopolitan cities like Los Angeles, Paris, London or New York. You will not be able to live in a European traditional environment. Our members are all practising sports, have families, work and fight for the sake of Aryankind.

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Meet the people that are going to help you to make your life completely White.
The Almighty
The Almighty

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